Ordering Information:

1) Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday from 10:00 to 18:00 [Japan Standard Time].
Depends on ther person in charge.
2) Order & Quotation
Order Form

Please e-mail and/or FAX [+81-45-306-5410] us with the item you would like to order along with the following information:

AAA) Your name [Company Name]

BBB) Your address [with"your country"and "nearest International airport"]
CCC) Phone and/or fax number

DDD) Your Car Information for each parts [Vehicle name, Model(optional), Engine type and Model year]

Example: Skyline GTR, BCNR33, RB26DETT, 1998.
EEE) Payment Method Selection : Paypal / Bank Transfer / Sending Money Order.
After we receive the above information, we will e-mail/fax back to you detailed pricing information for your order included "C"[Cost of all your item(s], "I"[Insurance], "F"[Freight to your place] and handling charge[5% of total CIF value].
3) Prices
Shipping, insurance, and handling charges are not included in listed prices. All prices are subject to change without notice.
4) Method of Payment
Please read the Payment division carefully.
5) Methods of Shipping
Please read the Shipping division carefully.
6) Minimum Order Requirement
For General Customers
We require a Jp Yen30,000 minimum order. If less than this amount, there will be an additional Jp Yen4,000 handling charge imposed on the order.
For Dealer / Car Club Owner / Group Buy
We require a Jp Yen150,000 minimum order. If less than this amount, no discount will be applicable.
7) Basic Discount Rates
Order Amount [Jp Yen]
Discount Rates
Y150,000 or less
Y150,001 - Y300,000
Y300,001 - Y500,000
Y500,001 - Y1,000,000
More than Y1,500,001
20% or Max Discount
*)Except Red marked Prices: Those prices are discounted. Some parts should be not discounted over 15%. It depends on the parts. Also some brands excluded. Please let us quote first, anyway.

Please feel free to e-mail to International Sales Force of OOPARTS International, Inc.

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